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Helpful Info
Click here to download a pdf of helpful carton info.

Virgin Grades

SBS- Solid Bleached Sulfate: High quality board, excellent strength and printability, white on both sides.

CUK- Solid Unbleached Sulfate: High quality board, very strong, coated white or uncoated.

Recycled Grades

CCKB- Clay Coated Kraft Back: Heavy duty board, white on top, brown on back.

CCNB-Clay Coated News Back: Less strength than CCKB, white on top and gray to brown on back.

SK- Solid Kraft: Very strong board, brown on both sides.

BC- Bending Chip: Less strength than SK, generally tan to brown throughout, very economical.


E-Flute is a corrugated micro flute material. It’s thin profile (1/16”), cushioning properties, and excellent printability serves as an excellent alternative to conventional folding cartons where strength and durability may be a concern. If you want the functionality of a folding carton and strength of a corrugated box, an E-flute carton can provide the solution.


The thickness of a sheet of paperboard is measured in thousandths of an inch. A general range for most applications is .016 to .032. This is often referred to as point size such as 16 point or 32 point.

The following are diagrams of standard folding cartons. Smith Lustig can work with you to
customize and create your own style of folding carton.

Folding carton dimensions should be given per the following industry standards.

- Length first. Length is the larger dimension at the open end of the carton.

- Width second. Width is the smaller dimension at the open end of the carton.

- Depth last. Depth is the distance between open ends.


Common Folding Carton Styles:

Straight Tuck End (STE)
Reverse Tuck End (RTE)
Tuck Top Quick Lock Bottom (TTQLB)
Tuck Top Automatic Bottom (TTAB)
Open End Glued Sleeve
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